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Pivot for a Paycheck: Perry Middle band teacher bakes bread for financial, mental boost

Christy Hursey found herself with a lot of extra time at home, so she began baking to pull herself out of her quarantine funk

PERRY, Ga. — Without having the chance to see our friends, and worrying about our health and struggling financially, it's easy to get down in the pandemic.

Christy Hursey's business is called Music and Bread, and she admits she never lost a paycheck as a Perry Middle School band teacher. She did suffer in other ways though, and her side gig became a lifeline.

"We are not the ones known for sitting around. We plan rehearsals every day, multiple times a day. We are gone on weekends," said Hursey.

Then COVID-19 hit and everything came to a screeching halt for her.

With a lot of time to sit around the house and a 'Type A' personality, she fell into a depression.

"Lots of naps... it got to the point I was just lazy in bed all day because there was no reason to get up," she said.

Hursey always enjoyed making bread in her kitchen.

"I have a multigrain. This has 10 different grains and wheat flour," she said. "Friends started buying it, and then they started buying it for their friends."

Pretty soon, she was getting a financial and mental boost from the baking. 

"Most of it is self-taught, I've thrown away a lot," she said.

She also rose to the occasion businesswise and invested in a double oven, bought a new mixer, and started the Music and Bread website.

"I have a cottage license to be able to cook in my kitchen and to sell in my kitchen. I've got an LLC," she said.

She also got something more out of this -- a sense of purpose and maybe a recipe for retirement.

"My plan is in five years -- when I retire -- that I can use this to supplement what I'm not currently making," Hursey said.

Right now, she is making a good bit. Her side business has afforded her and her family a chance to get out of the house and find some fun during a pandemic.

"I'm surprised it's helped me take some vacations. It's helping fund some things the kids need," she said.

That's music to her ears. A business that not only saved her mentally, but put bread on the table.

Here's information from the Macon Chamber of Commerce on all you need to know small business, from starting up to social media marketing.

If you're interested in seeing her selections or placing an order, click here.


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