Rotary Centennial Park and the trails that extend out from it provide a place to walk, run, or just sit and take in some fresh air. Soon, there will be even more trail space to enjoy.

Thanks to an 8-acre donation from Interfor, a North American lumber company with a location in Perry, the City of Perry will expand the Weleetka Trail by about a mile.

"Our goal is to connect with the Martin Luther King intersection on Larry Walker Parkway and be able for folks to go right over to the fairgrounds," said Perry's Leisure Services Director Kevin Dye.

The city's communications manager, Ellen Palmer, added that the gift shows people are noticing the city's work.

"It's huge. It just shows that the business, the industries, the people of Perry see the progression that we're making."

Dye says that the expansion will cost about $100,000. The city's using a grant from the Department of Natural Resources to pay for it and they hope to finish the project by summer.

It's a welcome addition for those who use the trail.

"That's very exciting for me to have another mile that I can walk, it'll be absolutely wonderful," said frequent trail user Stan Haley.

And the Weleetka isn't the only trail being expanded. On the other side of the trail network, the White Tail trail is being lengthened by about a mile as well. It will also cost about $100,000, and this time, the money is coming from city funds including SPLOST resources.

Dye says it's all a part of Perry's goal to help people get outside and enjoy nature.

Their aim is to "take advantage of the natural landscape and the ability to give folks recreation and leisure in nature."