A consignment store for tykes, tots and teens, set up shop at the Georgia National Fairgrounds Saturday.

The shop allowed over 600 vendors to sell anything from bows to books, all to help parents, teachers, and even day cares afford the expenses that come with child care.

Vendors got to keep between 70-85 percent of their sales while shoppers get to buy things at consignment price.

The shop was created 12 years ago by a young mother with a desire to help other families trying to provide for their children.

“It started with me and my family many years ago. My daughter is 12 now, but I started it just to help us be able to afford a child and then in turn it's helped thousands of families in the position I was in 12 years ago to be able to clothe their children,” said founder Laura Johns.

It is the second and final Tykes, Tots, and Teens event of the year.

Sunday is discount day, and the last day of the event until next spring.

Doors are open between 9 a.m. and noon, and 2-7 p.m.