Volunteers in Perry are helping families in their community. Yvonne Thomas spoke to community members that say they're giving back in the spirit and memory of people who gave to them.

More than 400 boxes of food and 100 toys, dozens of volunteers are working together for an annual giveaway that's even more special this year. “All my life, I've wanted to help people,” said Telly Jackson with Perry Volunteer Outreach. “There's a lot of less-fortunate kids around and we'd like to make sure that all these kids have a good Christmas.”

But planning the event without the guidance of their leader, Frank Shelton, was a challenge they met. “When Mr. Frank became ill, the whole community came to help us along,” said Jackson.

Members of NFL player Casey Hayward's family donated toys through their non-profit called "Hayward Hands."

“I was brought up like this -- it's always better to give than to receive,” said Teresa Duncan, with Hayward Hands. “Because you just never know, you never kno someone's story or testimony. You never know what people are going through.”

Through her own pain of losing her sister nearly two years ago to breast cancer and the death of one of her nephews just last month in a car accident, Duncan says they've found a place in their hearts to give. “For one, I don't want their legacy to die, and for two, I just want us to keep growing and growing and growing.”

Perry Volunteer Field Director Telly Jackson says the groups will continue to work throughout the season to provide food and toys for families in need.