Three pit bulls have been quarantined and charges are pending against their owner after the dogs allegedly attacked 9-year-old in Loganville on Wednesday.

Police were dispatched to a residence on Big Game Way after reports of multiple people being attacked by canines.

According to police, the dogs belong to Derick Murphy, who told them the dogs escaped his fenced backyard. Murphy was at home, he told police, when a child knocked on his door and told him the dogs were loose.

Murphy told police he saw three of his dogs attacking another child and a woman. Murphy said he was able to call off the dogs and place them inside his garage.

The woman told police she saw the dogs attack the child and tried to get them off, when they turned their attention on her.

Police said the child, whose name has not been released, was bitten on his face, head and neck, and was airlifted to Egleston Children’s Hospital. She suffered lacerations to her face and was bitten on her right shoulder.

Murphy told police he “had no idea” how the dogs escaped their fence, and said the dogs “have never been vicious toward anyone before.”

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Walton County Animal Control will charging Murphy with three counts of dog-at-large, three counts of no-rabies tag, and three public nuisance counts.