Coming from Mexico to California to right here in Central Georgia, hundreds of people and dogs packed into the 4th Annual Super Bully Bowl in Perry Saturday.

Nicole Butler spoke with one owner who hopes to stand out in the pack to see if they have what it takes to bring home the gold in this dog eat dog world.

Brushing away the flyaways, Joel Vargas preps his pup for the competition.

"I started with rescuing dogs and it turned into finding out one rescue was a show quality dog," Vargas said.

Kuma is an American Bully who is only a year old and already has quite a few medals under his tail.

"Kuma is four wins away from becoming a Grand Champion," Vargas said.

And in the ring, what really stands out is a dog’s confidence.

"He goes in there like he's tough stuff. I mean, he goes in there like he owns the place. That takes a lot of work, not every dog does that,” said Vargas said. “You want to make the dog feel like he is everything you know it's very simple to do -- love. Love makes that dog what it is today.”

The competition is nothing to turn your nose up at. Over 300 bullies are here with their eyes on the prize.

"A lot of these dogs compete year-round to be the number one dog of their breed in the entire registry of the ABKC, so there are a lot of bragging rights and a lot of prizes as well," said emcee, Christopher Bennett.

Vargas says he sees a trophy in Kuma's future being the perfect standard for his breed, but as much as another win would mean to him, Vargas' real goal is to break down the stereotype of these cute pups.

"They think that they're aggressive, the look, the face, the way they move, but that's the American Bully they are supposed to say WOW! They're not going to hurt you. I have five children and they all live inside with my kids they are great dogs," he said.

A dog that Vargas says changed his life where every day is a tail wagging good time.

The show finished up around 10 p.m. and the winners went home with a customized trophy and wagging rights.