Two pit bulls are on the run after they killed five ponies. That's according to Sheriff Danny Brannen. We received more information on what happened to the dogs.

According to a Pulaski County Sheriff's Office report we obtained, two pit bulls are missing from the animal control facility. When the director arrived at the shelter the morning of February 6th, they found the barbed wire was cut, the door was propped open, and several dogs were loose.

All of the dogs were accounted for except the pit bulls that killed five ponies two days earlier. Johnnie Hock who has a beauty salon in downtown Hawkinsville has questions about the stray dogs.

"It is we just want to know where the dogs are at now, who owned the dogs, and where they are located now," Hock said.

City Manager Tim Young said the dogs were scheduled to be put down, but now the shelter is ramping up security because of the break-in

"Since it's happened, what we realized is we have no cameras at our animal control, but we have never had the need to have cameras out there, so we will be installing cameras at our animal control and repairing the doors that were broken into," Young said.

The city manager is telling the people of Hawkinsville and Pulaski that they can put their minds at ease because he does not think the dogs are on the loose -- he believes the dogs were taken.

"They didn't climb over a six-foot barbed wire fence that was cut. These dogs were taken by somebody to get them out of here because they knew that we had them," Young said.

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office is now searching for the two pit bulls and the people who may have released them.