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Players take the court for state pickleball championship at Tattnall Square Park this weekend

Over 450 players are involved in the tournament, which lasts through Sunday evening.

MACON, Ga. — Game on! 

Players and fans gathered at Tattnall Square park pickleball center this weekend for the state pickleball championship, and had a 'smashing' time. 

Over 450 players are involved in the tournament, which lasts through Sunday evening. 

This is the third year the championship has been held in Georgia. For Macon, the benefits of hosting the championship can be seen economically and culturally. Several folks stayed in local hotels, and visited restaurants downtown.

The players didn't just come to enjoy Macon though - they came to win. 

They competed for prizes, like Olympic style gold, silver, and bronze medals. 

It was also an opportunity for folks to get involved with the local pickleball community. For people wanting to get involved in pickleball, the Local community in Macon has classes at every level of skill. You can contact the Tattnall Pickleball Center to get more information. 

In addition to Tattnall, Macon city leaders are working on opening a massive pickleball complex at the Macon Mall. 

According to previous reporting, they expect the Macon Mall pickleball facility to open its doors later this year. They say it will be the largest pickleball center in the world. 

But according to Special Local Option Sales Tax — or SPLOST — Coordinator Clay Murphy, Macon's current facilities at Tattnall Square Park have their own set of advantages for organizers of the state tournament. 

“I don’t think you’ll find anyone that would tell you this isn’t the best facility in the state,” Murphy said in the release. “Being centrally located, having nearby hotels, being close to downtown with restaurants all makes it more inviting to people and groups.” 

If you want to see some pickleball action this weekend, you can still head out to observe the matches on Sunday.

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