A Thanksgiving meal may taste great at your table, but throwing your leftovers down the kitchen sink could put a dent into your "holiday cheer."

Some plumbers say they see an increased number of "clogged drain" calls around this time of year, so WMAZ spent Monday afternoon with two plumbers as they repaired pipes and unclogged drains.

"People will be calling like crazy because they have family coming in town," said Bob Cummings with Scarbary Plumbing.

"Just because it fits in the disposal does not mean it's going to get chewed up and sent down the drain," said James Humphries with Tommy Chancey Plumbing.

Both Cummings and Humphries agree that people should remember garbage disposals are for "food scraps," not turkey legs and stuffing.

"The disposal, in my opinion, is not designed to chew up raw food," said Humphries.

Both plumbers say raw vegetables, potato skins, and grease should never go down the drain.

"Everybody says, ‘Well I don't put grease down my drain.’ Well, if you wash dishes, you put grease down the drain," said Cummings.

That may be unavoidable during the holidays, but Humphries says just run plenty of hot water in the sink to help keep the grease from building up.

If your pipes do get clogged with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, it could cost you some dough.

Humphries says unclogging a kitchen drain will cost you about $100 and that's money you could keep in your pocket for the rest of the holiday season.

More tips to keep your sink unclogged:

  • When you put food in the garbage disposal, make sure it's already running. Don't fill up the disposal before you turn it on.
  • If you already have a problematic drain, call and get it taken care of before family starts arriving for the holidays
  • Put ice in the disposal and run without water. This can help clean and sharpen the disposal.
  • Avoid putting starchy foods down the drain
  • Wipe off greasy pots and plates with a paper towel before you rinse off the dish