Perry Police say a man is in custody after raping a woman in front of her children and kidnapping them Monday afternoon.

Cpt. Heath Dykes says the woman came home to find 58-year-old Jessie Lee McCrary hiding in her closet.

He reportedly held the woman at gunpoint and drove around with her and her daughter before later picking up the victim’s other daughter from school.

Dykes says McCrary drove to the intersection of Peach and Forest Street before telling the woman to get out of the car.

The victim told one of her daughters to call the police, but McCrary took her phone away and started shooting at the women.

Officers say McCrary told the victim to get back in the car and he continued to drive her and her daughters around Perry, where he allegedly raped her in front of them.

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He then dropped the three women off and stole the car.

“His actions show that he definitely didn’t have any due regard for anyone’s safety or human life,” said Dykes.

He says they used all their resources to make the arrest Tuesday, especially since the suspect was armed.

McCrary is charged with multiple things, including three counts of aggravated assault and three counts of kidnapping.