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Pomeranian satisfies her need for speed by surfing at Lake Sinclair

Zayleigh the Pomeranian shreds the waves quite a few times every summer

PUTNAM COUNTY, Ga. — Thursday is National Dog Day and many of you across Central Georgia are sharing photos of your pups with us. As we celebrate this paw-some holiday, there’s quite a phenomenon happening on Lake Sinclair.

It’s hard to see, but if you catch a glance it’s pretty cute.

Bailey Babb and her best friend, a little Pomeranian named Zayleigh, love adventure.

"She is the fun patrol in our family," said Babb.

Fun because at an early age the Babbs figured out their dog had a need for speed. They started out easy with their daredevil -- a ride on a motor bike -- and that was fun.

How about wakeboarding? Well, the five-pound pet yearned for more action, so they put her on a surfboard and she loved it.

"It's just kind of crazy. Nobody expects a lapdog to be on the front of a surfboard," said Babb with a chuckle.

Zayleigh makes hanging ten look easy, but very few people know about her skills.

"I don't think anyone's seen her surf because she's so small and when you see the wave you don't see this white dog sitting on the front of the board," said Babb.

And when the ride is over, well, dogs have a natural ability to swim. She just starts doggie paddling.

Back on the boat, a little shake takes care of her damp coat, and then it's time for a little rest before her next chance to cut the waves.

"She wants to get back out there if someone's out there," said Babb.

Zayleigh is five pounds of personality, shredding waves with a wagging tail.

The Babbs live in Fayetteville, Georgia. They use the Lake Sinclair house as a vacation spot that they visit a couple of times a month.


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