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Prosecutors: Jones Co. doctor facing federal charges set up office like 'trap house'

Prosecutors say the office had hidden cameras, guns, and photos of investigators and their families

A federal judge ordered a Jones County doctor to remain behind bars until his trial.

Federal prosecutors said a doctor facing drug charges was a flight risk and they wanted a federal judge to keep him in jail while charges against him are pending.

At a hearing in federal court in Macon, prosecutors said they've frozen 12 bank accounts of Thomas Sachy's -- holding more than a million dollars.

They say his office in Gray was set up like a drug house with hidden cameras and they found several firearms inside.

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They also say that Sachy had pictures of two drug investigators handling his case, their families, and their homes on a hard drive in his office.

Prosecutors alleged the hard drive also had other violent content and images.

Sachy's lawyer Frank Hogue argued the doctor could have left anytime in the past year after he learned of the DEA investigation, but he didn’t.

He also said Sachy surrendered his passport and DEA prescribing number.

The doctor and his three employees, one of which is his mother, now face federal charges for illegally prescribing opioids and other drugs.

Federal prosecutors said Monday that two of his patients died as a result of those prescriptions in August 2016 and April 2017.

On the stand, investigating officer with the DEA Ken Morrow, said Oxycodone prescriptions led to the death of a 44-year-old woman in August of 2016.

Morrow also told the court that a search warrant served at Sachy's residence in June of this year found patient files and a death certificate connected to the case.

Along with the photos of investigators and their families, prosecutors pointed to the number of guns found during a search warrant served at Sachy's business.

Morrow said investigators found five fire arms at the business, including one "on a hook" under Sachy's desk.

Hogue argued that Sachy's office had the weapons to protect against potentially violent patients being treated for psychiatric care.

After three and a half hours, U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Charles Weigle ordered Sachy to remain behind bars until his trial.

Weigle said the hard drive pictures and seized guns were two largely influencing factors in his decision.

Weigle also told the courtroom that officer Morrow's emotional testimony about seeing pictures of himself and his family on the hard drive led to his decision.

"I would be scared to death," Weigle said.

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If you were a patient of Dr. Sachy and are in need of medical treatment, the DEA's office has contacted these medical centers and treatment programs and they will be accepting patients for *legitimate* medical needs.

Some Central Georgia pain centers include Hemlock Pain Center with locations in Milledgeville, Warner Robins and Macon. Also in Macon is the Hemlock Pain Center and Pain Institute of Georgia.

Some surrounding narcotic treatment programs are Health Qwest -- located in Macon and Warner Robins -- and Georgia treatment services in Macon that also has a 24 hour crisis number for patients experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

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