Hawkinsville — A woman returned home from the hospital for the second time after she was attacked by a dog over the weekend in Hawkinsville.

The attack happened on South Union Street in Pulaski County. The woman, who did not want to be identified, was walking to a Huddle House a little after midnight with her husband when she heard dogs barking.

"We thought they were locked up somewhere," the woman said.

The dogs chased the woman to the steps of another home on the street and pinned her to the stairs, according to Denise Moses, who helped the woman.

Moses was in her home when she heard screams for help.

"When I came out the door, flipped on my light, came out here the two dogs had her pinned down here in the corner and she was screaming," Moses said. "I yelled at the dogs to run. They ran about half towards the road and I reached down to help her up and we called 911."

Moses said she's called the police about the dogs before and that other incidents have included her daughter and niece.

"When I called 911 for the police, they didn’t come, but the city manager came," Moses said. "He said that he had someone watching out so when they got out again, they was going to get them, but that never happened."

At least one person has been charged in the incident, according to the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. Blake Bryant of Hawkinsville was given one count of obstruction of an officer. The dogs have been sent to Pulaski County Animal Control and are quarantined.

Moses said she is just glad it is over.

"It’s sad, but I’m glad they got them," she said.