A 16-year-old was shot to death, and no one has been charged with murder. That's according to Bibb County Investigators. Two days ago, Chase Gillis was shot and killed after an attempted gun swap with two other men. Investigators say David Billingsley and Logan Nettles are claiming, Gillis was shot in self-defense. Our Yvonne Thomas set out to learn the facts about this case and asked investigators your questions.

“This is somebody's loved one,” said Captain Shermaine Jones with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. “A young child at that.”

Sixteen-year-old Chase Gilllis was shot and left for dead early Wednesday morning allegedly after a gun trade went wrong. “That's what we're trying to figure out. What transpired during those interactions?” said Captain Jones.

Captain Shermaine Jones says his team isn't looking for the killer, they're searching for the reason why. “What made them have to shoot or want to shoot? Are these actual facts that they know and did or is this staged?” said Jones.

Jones says Logan Nettles and David Billingsley's self-defense claim calls for a thorough investigation with the District Attorney's office before any arrests will be made. “We will take everything we have to give to them for further guidance to make sure that everything is covered within the law.”

They're looking at swirling social media posts for leads such as questions posed by a man who says he was parked outside the Lizella home during the shooting and questioned the police version. “We've seen that post,” said Jones.

There are questions about the trade. Gillis was allegedly looking to swap a Glock pistol for an AR-15 rifle. Reporter Yvonne Thomas asked, “Was this a legal trade or an illegal trade?” Captain Jones said, “That is something we're still looking into. We have different ages involved.”

Another question: Did the men speak to each other before shots were fired? “That's something we don't want to go into because that will marry up evidence,” said Captain Jones. Also, why weren't Nettles and Billingsley charged for leaving the scene of a crime? “That's a question that I would say just wait. That answer will come out.”

But before Jones and his team hand this case over to the state, he says he's confident in one thing. “We will follow the evidence. The evidence won't lie.”

We are still working to get more information about this case. The incident report states that Gillis and Nettles were texting about the gun trade before Gillis came to Nettles house. Jones said those texts are a part of their investigation.