There are still unanswered questions in what led to the death of a six-year-old in a Houston County school bus crash on Monday.

Jacob Reynolds was in Perry trying to find some answers.

WMAZ tried to speak to superintendent Mark Scott on Friday for a second time this week about the accident.

Jacob Reynolds did briefly speak to him as the County's spelling bee ended, but he declined to comment and told us he had already rejected previous interview requests.

Scott released a statement on Tuesday afternoon about the accident.

Meanwhile, Warner Robins police say their investigation is moving forward.

It’s been four days since the Houston County school bus crashed on Forest Park Drive. It was the only vehicle involved in the wreck and several students were injured.

Tuesday morning, one of them, six-year-old and Parkwood Elementary first grader Arlana Haynes, died from her injuries.

The Houston County Board of Education and WRPD have released few details on what happened, but assistant chief John Wagner says their investigation is continuing carefully.

“We just want to make sure that we do it right for everybody involved, whether it's the Board of Education, the little girl that's deceased, as well as the other children involved,” Wagner said Friday.

The BOE says the driver was Shalita Harris, who had worked with them for less than three months since last October.

38 other children were on the bus.

Wagner says they're taking a close look at the details.

“We have people that inspect the bus, to look and see if there's any mechanical failures. We also have a detective that checks for the history of the driver,” Wagner said.

So far, he says the driver's history hasn't raised any red flags. But, they're also making sure the bus was where it was supposed to be Monday night.

“Abnormalities, involving anything with the bus route. Is that the same bus route, is that something different that day? You know, you want to get the full picture of what went on,” Wagner said.

He explained that they’ll see if the bus used GPS, check the route with the BOE transportation office, and examine other video from the bus’ driving history.

Police are still reviewing video from inside and outside the bus to determine how Haynes was ejected. Wagner says some bus windows were open at the time of the accident.

Wagner says their priority is solidifying their theory of what happened.

Harris is cooperating with investigators and so far has not been charged with any crimes, according to Wagner.