After two dogs were attacked during the last few weeks, Jones County Animal Shelter is warning pet owners to have their animals vaccinated.

"You have to do it," said John Jackson, shelter manager, about having dogs vaccinated. "It's the law. You have to do it every year."

It both instances, the fox were killed and tests for rabies came back positive, Jackson said.

The first attack occurred about three weeks ago in Jones County.

A dog was in its driveway when a fox entered the yard and attacked her, Jackson said. The owner went into his house, got a gun and shot the fox. The homeowner called animal control. They came out, took the dead fox and tested it for rabies, Jackson said.

The second attack occurred a couple of days later in Gray. A fox attacked a small dog that was in its yard. The owner kicked the fox off of the dog, Jackson said. The homeowner then called animal control and they retrieved the fox that was hiding under the car in the driveway.

Jackson said animal control destroyed the fox and tested it for rabies.

Jackson said pet owners shouldn't feel safe if they're dog is in a fenced-in yard. "They can climb a fence," he said about fox. "Get your animals vaccinated."