Election Day returns to Central Georgia in November.

In Gray, the current mayor, Stephen Tingen, is stepping down, saying he can't see himself doing the job for another four years.

Two candidates are now vying for the seat, Ed Barbee and James Collins.

Current mayor pro tem Ed Barbee says he has a lot of time to dedicate to the position because he's retired.

Collins works for an insurance company. He says he's lived in several small towns and believes he can bring more fresh ideas to the table.

Each candidate told us the their number one issue if they're elected to the Gray Mayor's office.

"We had started some meetings years ago between the three entities, the Board of Education, the county, and it kind of just fell by the wayside, and I would like to see about reviving that and have quarterly meetings so we can know what's going on with each other. That way, if we have a project, we can work together on it," said Barbee.

"Preventative maintenance for long term, you know, sometimes doing some of the small maintenance now helps save big money in the future. Certainly water and sewer out here is a issue for a lot of people. We have done a lot and to continue that progress towards the future as far as hopefully bringing the water and sewage bills down in the community," said Collins.

Both candidates are asking people to come out and vote early.

Early voting starts October 16th.