It was a shortened Independence Day Celebration in Warner Robins Friday night, thanks to the potential for bad weather.

Mary Kate Farmer's performance was canceled about a half hour before she was scheduled to begin, but the bad weather wasn't stopping people from coming out to celebrate their independence.

After jets flew over in the cloudy sky, and rain came down before and was expected after, it was a shorter concert than usual.

But, it didn’t stop Toni Roberts and her family from making the hour and a half drive anyway.

“My sister came with us, we came together and I told her I said do you think we're gonna make it? She's like well hopefully we'll drive an hour and it's gonna be better. And it actually was, we kept going and it got a lot better,” Roberts said.

Roberts says the trip was worth it because there was something special about celebrating the fourth in a military town.

“I have the utmost respect for all our military so I feel like going somewhere where you're at a Base, it's just I don’t know, a little special because you're going to be around people who really give you a chance to do this, you know?” Roberts said before the concert.

Walter Mae Battle came to the concert from Pulaski County. She said she was glad she felt safe.

“Number one because they got the police out here and it's very nice to have the police cause these days and times it's real dangerous,” Battle said.

Montgomery Gentry rocked the stage for about 90 minutes on Friday. But Battle was most excited for one thing, the fireworks.

“I am feeling- I just can't wait, I'm overwhelmed,” she said before the show started.

Even with the bad weather, it was still a packed crowd at McConnell-Talbert stadium and a fun way to kick off the holiday weekend.