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'Love is needed:' Local artist spreads positivity throughout Macon with graffiti

Over 9 years, Randy Heart has used graffiti to uplift communities in his hometown

MACON, Ga. — Macon native Randy Heart has been drawing since age 6 but it wasn't until 9 years ago that he began to experiment with graffiti art.

"I wanted to expand the art work. I wanted a bigger canvas so I picked up a can," says Heart. "It's still art, it's just using a different tool."

Since then, Heart has created murals encouraging positivity and love throughout the city of Macon, in communities where he spent his childhood.

Even though changes have come to those neighborhoods, Heart wants his art to highlight the good.

"I can be alive and still create and create at the stores that me and my friends used to hang out at," says Heart. "Being able to communicate all the time to my people. Macon is my home."

Heart's murals feature a recognizable cast of characters including a nine-year-old boy named Parker and a talking cloud named Billow.

Together, the two set out to spread as much positivity as possible.

Heart's company, Parker Cloud, are dedicated to doing the same thing.

"We're a company that's focused on positivity and uplifting the community," says Heart. "We do it through art workshops, the murals, and just community engagement, staying present."

You can find Heart's murals throughout Macon, including on buildings along Shurling Drive and in downtown Macon.

One of Heart's most recent works sits in the median park at the corner of First and Poplar streets encouraging viewers to "fight racism."

The mural was a part of the Block the Hate artist initiative to create conversations about racism in Macon.

"I hope it sparks some sort of change," says Heart. "It's my gift to the community. It's me serving in my community and I love it... I hope [viewers] receive the love."

Both pieces of the Block the Hate public art project will be up until July 6.

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