Neighbors say Byromville's Hill Street neighborhood was usually quiet.

The only common interruption? A train rumbling by on the tracks nearby.

But after three were found dead Thursday, that silence was shattered.

According to GBI special agent in charge JT Ricketson, the investigation into what exactly happened continues.

He says Priscilla Adams, Jashun Ingram and Priscilla's 17-year-old daughter typically left the house early everyday.

On Thursday morning they were doing just that when they opened their door and walked right into an ambush.

Ricketson says somebody was waiting for them and opened fire, killing Priscilla and Jashun and wounding Priscilla's daughter.

Their neighbor, Willie Merrell, was found shot dead across the street, killed by a single gun shot wound to the chest. A rifle was found in his yard.

Ricketson says the rifle matches the caliber of shell casings found at the scene. He says it's a critical piece of evidence that will be examined at the GBI firearms lab.

But in the meantime, Priscilla Adams' family is frightened.

"We're scared right now," said Priscilla Adams' sister Tracy Burke. "My sister she really don't deserve this."

With no suspect yet identified by the GBI or the Dooly County Sheriff's office, the family is worried they might be in danger.

But Niesha Burke was determined to let her aunt know what she'd say to her if she could.

"I know you in a better place...and I know when I look up at the sky and I see a bright light up there at nighttime, I know it's you watching over me. You're my angel. And auntie I love you so much," said Burke.

A family forever changed is now looking for answers and a way forward.

Special Agent JT Ricketson says the deaths of Priscilla Adams and Jashun Ingram are homicides.

Merrell's is still being treated as a death investigation.

Evidence from the crime scene is headed to the labs for testing on Monday.