The Baldwin County Schools System is partnering with Keep-Milledgeville-Baldwin Beautiful to make sure that students are learning about recycling and trash education.

At Lakeview Primary School, recycling is being incorporated into the students' curriculum. Kindergarten teacher Natalie Kennerly said her 5- and 6-year-old students are watching the trash they throw away and the trash of their family members to see what can be recycled.

“It’s [made] a huge difference. They don’t talk about recycling when they come into kindergarten in August, but after our unit on recycling and being introduced and having the bins in our classroom now, they’re very focused on it. If one of them is throwing something away, all of a sudden, you hear across the classroom, 'NO, NO, NO, wait! You can recycle that,'” said Kennerly.

Kindergartners in her class were so excited to tell WMAZ how much they loved recycling.

Ashley Bacon has three children who are a part of the Baldwin County Schools. She is one of the moms behind the initiative to get recycling included in the school district’s curriculum. She said, “I think the school system benefits from this as a whole because it’s going to eventually be a rippling effect -- the family household and the family member that contributes to the roadside litter and the needed recycling efforts that we need in our community.”

Gina Towner also worked with Bacon to get this initiative passed. She said, “We're teaching them these lessons young so they develop them as a habit, because recycling really is a habit. Even the little ones like the kindergartners will catch their teachers and say, 'No, no, that goes in the recycling bin, not in the trashcan.'”

The Baldwin County School system has over 6,000 students and staff members taking part in this recycling push. They plan to kick off their district-wide recycling program at Lakeview Primary on Wednesday, January 24th at 9 a.m. The event is open to parents and the community.