The weather may be still looking good in Central Georgia, but the Carolinas aredealing with flooding and damages from Florence.

Red Cross started preparing Emergency Response Vehicles here in Macon to make their way to the Carolinas to help.

They prepared 30 vehicles, with roughly 60 volunteers paired up for each of them. Each truck had maintenance done to make sure everything is in good condition.

Volunteers gave up vacation and family time to give a helping hand. For volunteer Alli Stevens, it's about coming together.

"It makes you feel good because you think I don't even know these people, but they're smiling and help and that's the American way," says Stevens.

Each volunteer leaving family and home for 14 days, possibly even 21.

"They're all very supportive. They think it's really wonderful that I can just up, and go anytime the Red Cross need."

And they start their contributions by getting preparing equipment. Each emergency response vehicle has containers to keep food hot, water, snacks, blankets to hand out, and then on the side are windows to directly serve people through the window.

For Stevens, he says that's the best part, helping those that need it the most.

"To see the response that the people give you, when you help them with the devastation no matter what they're going through you're bringing a little smile on their face, you're showing them that there's still a future."

Volunteer teams plan on leaving Sunday morning.