The Warner Robins American Little League baseball team won the Little League World Series 11 years ago this month.

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Back in 2007, the team was competing with the best teams around the world landing themselves at the World Series Championship against Japan.

All Warner Robins fans could do was cheer, still in total shock at what had happened on that day back in August of 2007.

"I am excited; I am so happy for these boys," one fan said shortly after the game ended. "I don't know what to say."

With one swing of his bat, Dalton Carriker ended one of the longest and most thrilling World Series Championship games in little league history.

"I was looking for a fast ball, but he threw me a curve ball and I just kept my weight back and drove to right field," Carriker said on that day 11 years ago.

"Right off the bat I knew it was pretty much out of here, but it was a very nice hit for me.":

Carriker cam through with a big play when his teammates needed it most. "I almost fainted; I almost fainted right there," he said.

He couldn't have done it without an outstanding pitching performance by Kendall Scott.

"Obviously, compared to region and district and state, I have not been up to expectations," Scott said directly after the game. "Going out there on the mound today throwing the ball, I was scared to death at first to pitch because on TV, you see how good the Japanese players are."

He redeemed himself, pitching his best game to date. .

The Warner Robins American Little League team was able to silence their critics in front of the entire world.

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