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Renewal plan for Dublin's Stubbs Park underway

Dublin's set to bring some new life to Stubbs Park, which used to be the gathering for a lot of events in the city

DUBLIN, Ga. — Dublin is set to bring some new life to Stubbs Park, a place that used to be the gathering for a lot of events in the city, like the annual St. Patrick's events.

But first, the city is improving transportation around the park -- a $4.5 million project.

Kristen Best grew up in Dublin, and she remembers, "During St. Patrick's Festival, the Arts & Crafts Festival was always here, and it spread from up near First Baptist Church all through the park. It was filled with people and it was just a really fun time.".

Rhonda Cumpsty is not originally from Dublin, but she views this park as a nice retreat.

"For Dublin and for people who grew up here in the '50s and the '60s, this park has always been kind of like the heart and soul of Dublin," said Cumpsty.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the park has still hosted some events.

"There's been DUB Jam, there's Yuletide Glow in the winter months, so all the park residents decorate their houses. Local businesses or community organizations come and wrap the trees," said Best.

Matthew Bradshaw, the engineer for the City of Dublin, says Dublin will have its first roundabout at Claxton Dairy Road and Moore Street, therefore increasing safety for those who enter the park once finished.

"There could be soccer fields or an amphitheater. One major feature of the park is the creek that runs through it. There's potential for a lot of beautification with it," said Bradshaw.

Looking towards the future, "I'm excited. I think the change in the road, I think the change in some of the architecture, I think it's going to be a great asset for the community," said Cumpsty.

"You're just right in the middle of everything, and it's just a really special place to live. There's some people who have lived here for 20 or 30 years who are enjoying the renaissance of the park," said Best.

Bradshaw says the new roadwork plan should be finished at the start of 2023, and the master plan should be complete within five years.