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Rising Egg prices affecting local restaurants

H&H general manager Tandrea Myers says eggs went from $75 a case to nearly $200.

MACON, Ga. — If you've gone to the grocery store, you've seen the rising prices of eggs. That is, if you've been able to find eggs at all.

It's a problem effecting consumers, grocery stores, bakeries, and restaurants.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, egg prices have gone up by nearly 60 percent. 

$4.25 is the current store average for a carton of eggs. 

Despite the national average, Macon shoppers say they spent $7 for 12 eggs.

Martin Wilson says he went to the store for eggs, but wasn't shocked by the price.

"Yea its been high, its been the same price for a minute now," he says.

For others, the high prices have driven them to relying on a local restaurant for their favorite breakfast delicacy.

On a Saturday morning at H&H, the sound of eggs sizzling in the skillet rings loud.

Eggs are served up hot with may dishes, and a main ingredient in other foods. 

"H&H Standard, the Midnight Rider you can add an egg, we have our cornmeal, cornbread muffin that we use eggs in," says general manager Tandrea Myers.

The list continues with scrambled eggs, bread pudding, and deviled eggs to name a few more.

Myers says they go through 3,240 eggs each week - that's 3 cases.

"A case of eggs used to cost us about $75. Now it's gone up almost triple that to $200," Myers says.

That totals nearly $600.

"We don't want to raise the prices on our menu, but if it stays high we might not have a choice, just to stay in business," she adds.

Myers says as of right now they aren't considering egg alternatives, they just plan to continue taking it day by day and egg by egg. 

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