If you own property in Bibb County, you could soon see a small break in your tax bill if Bibb commissioners approve of the plan.

Carl Fletcher says he hasn't made any improvements to his home in many years. 

According to the tax assessor's office, his property value went up about $6,000 in the last year, which would mean his tax bill would go up about $120.

"A lot of people on the north side of town, we're not all well-to-do, we're just middle class," said Fletcher. 

"When the mayor says, 'We're not going to raise your millage rate,' it's a good feeling, but it's really a millage rate under another word," said Fletcher. 

Property values are up about 2% in Macon-Bibb. 

Macon-Bibb Mayor Robert Reichert says because of the rising property values, he's asking Bibb County commissioners to approve a break for taxpayers like Fletcher.

"Rising property values are a great indicator for this community, said Reichert. 

From 2018 to 2019, Bibb property values increased by more than $80 million. It's enough to trigger a millage rate rollback.

"Steady and consistent growth. It hasn't been big, it hasn't been flashy and it hasn't been 'splashy,'" said Reichert.

Reichert says he plans to support a roll back.of about .3 of a mill, which would mean a homeowner would save an additional $12 of their tax bill per $100,000 their home is worth.

Fletcher says looking around his neighborhood, he sees a blighted home and many of neighbors trying to move. He says he doesn't agree Macon is headed in the right direction.

"We're frustrated because it seems like only a part of Macon is paying the bills," said Fletcher. 

Tax commissioner Wade McCord says you can expect those tax bills to be sent out in the beginning of September and the deadline to pay the bill in November 15th.

Bibb County commissioners plan to vote on the rollback next Tuesday.

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