MACON, Ga. —

“Help keep the county clean” is the first thing on a road sign in Twiggs County.

The rest of the sign will stop you in your tracks. “Please,” the sign reads, “do not liter.”

The sign is asking not to use a basic metric unit. 

The bright green road sign off Highway 129 is meant to say “please do not litter.”

The Twiggs County Road Department is currently checking to see what went wrong and how the sign was put up with an error.

Twiggs County Road Superintendent Larry Thompson laughed when he first heard about the sign and said he would like to go see it himself. 

Thompson later told WMAZ it is not a county sign and that a neighbor said it has been there for years. 

Thompson says he thinks the sign was put up by someone in the neighborhood. 

A picture of the sign is circulating Facebook. 

Macon-Bibb County Traffic Maintenance Operations Manager Kevin Poss said Bibb County did not put the sign up, but mistakes do happen.

“We are all human and every once in a while one [sign] slips through. I am happy to say this one is not ours,” Poss said.

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