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'Be wary of other hunters': Central Georgia hunters share tips ahead of deer hunting season

Georgia Department of Natural Resources says there are laws that you should be aware of so you can stay safe

MACON, Ga. — The peak of deer hunting season kicks off soon in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources says there are laws that you should be aware of so you can stay safe.

Charles Piland has been hunting for over 20 years, and his son Connor Piland began hunting three years ago.

Charles says his favorite part about hunting is the peace it brings him.

"It's very calm and relaxing. It ain't all about harvesting the animal. It's more so being one with nature," said Charles.

He and his wife Nicki help run a youth program called Committed Christian Outdoors, which teaches children how to hunt successfully and safely.

"It's very, very important that you wear a safety harness [and] your orange especially during gun season." Piland added.

Josh Cockrell with Georgia DNR encourages people to have fun, but also wants hunters to know there are laws that you should follow.

"Know your firearm, know what you're shooting at. Also, make sure you have your 500 square inches of fluorescent orange, just so other hunters can see you," Cockrell said.

He also urges hunters to check their deer stands regularly because it is common for people to fall out of them.

"I fell 23 feet about 10 years ago because my deer stand collapsed on me and I shattered my right foot," Piland said.

Cockrell and Piland also say that you should always be respectful of other hunters.

"Be wary of other hunters, be respectful. That's what's wrong with the world today is that people don't care about the next person's opinion or belongings. They're all out for an animal versus trying to help each other," Piland added.

Cockrell says that you can get fined if you do not follow these hunting rules and emphasizes that hunters must wear orange to prevent accidents from happening.


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