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VERIFY: Rumors about violent Dublin protest are false

A post shared across social media falsely claims people will be bused into Dublin for a violent protest
Credit: LCSO

DUBLIN, Ga. — Social media claims of a violent protest with people being bused in from out of town are false.

That's according to the Laurens County Sheriff's Office, who had to make a Facebook post Wednesday evening to debunk the rumor.

13WMAZ will not be sharing the exact text of the false post, but it referenced the arrival of Antifa in Dublin and stated several hundred people would be bused in downtown.

Again, the sheriff's office has said that is NOT TRUE.

They said:

"We are aware of the rumors going around about a violent protest tomorrow in downtown Dublin. At this time those are just rumors. We have no credible information that suggests this is planned to be a violent protest. However, there is a scheduled protest tomorrow that starts at 4:30 PM downtown Dublin. We stand behind anyone’s right to protest and will do everything within our ability to ensure it remains peaceful and lawful.

Due to recent activity throughout our Country, we understand everyone’s concerns, but at this time it seems that most of the information floating around is just rumors with no substantiating information."

A protest happened in Dublin last month when a small group of people gathered outside City Hall to protest against the incumbent district attorney Craig Fraser. It was not violent.


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