The usually packed junior-and-senior parking lot at Rutland High was empty Wednesday morning.

The only thing visible? The makeshift memorial students created at Heather Harrod's parking spot.

The school was in a state of grief as news spread of her passing.

According to Rutland principal Kent Sparks, she was one of a kind:

"She was truly the All-American girl. She's the kind of young lady that you hope...that you hope your own children grow up to be like. She was an athlete, she was a scholar, she always smiled regardless of circumstance. Just a lovely child and we're all grieving immensely because a bright future was cut short."

Class was still in session, but students were free to visit the parking lot memorial throughout the day and grief counselors were on hand.

Director of Student Support Services at Bibb Co. schools Beverly Stewart says her staff aims to be there for students in any way they can be.

Investigators are still looking for the cause of the crash.

Captain Brad Wolfe of the Bibb Co. Sheriff's Office says "we're going to do everything we can and go to the fullest extent we can to try to at least be able to tell that family that this it happened."

Rutland principal Kent Sparks said the best thing people can do to show support right now is pray.

Rutland seniors organized a candlelight vigil for Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. in Heather Harrod's memory.

The vigil was open to all.