Bibb County firefighters extinguished an RV that was ablaze Friday on Gray Highway in Macon.

A family was traveling from Albany, Ga. to Blairsville, Ga. for the Fourth of July weekend when their RV started to smoke. The family pulled the RV over into an open lot in front of Hud's Bar and Grill. The family members got out of the RV before it burst into flames.

Four people and two dogs were traveling in the RV. Two family members followed behind them in a separate car. Everyone exited safely. There were no injuries.

Family member Kelly Stover and her husband were in the car following the RV. "I've never seen anything like this in my life," said Stover. "And I never want to see anything like this ever again."

Mechanical issues started the fire. The fire was contained mostly the back of the car.