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RV's more complex and cooler, as big show moves into Perry

2,500 RV's are at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and you can go too!

PERRY, Ga. — If you’re thinking the RV lifestyle could be for you, or you simply want to take a road trip in the big vans, you might want to head to Houston County this week.

Hundreds of RV’s are at the Family Motor Coach Association International festival.

Robbin Gould’s worked around the industry for three decades.

“I like to think the coolest thing is our people. They love the lifestyle and they'll talk to anybody," she said.

Gould figures one of the best things about this event is the information you can glean from listening to the pro’s.

“We have a lot of technical seminars or lifestyle seminars,” she said.

They've got 100 talks scheduled. You can figure out how to change a tire or where to go hot air ballooning.

Gerald Harris says he spent his career behind a desk.

“I'm a finance person, an accountant, so I know numbers but I don't know anything about an engine or transmission wiring or electrical,” he said.

Gerald and his wife Eddie know enough to get down the road, their rig is homey and state of the art.

“All electric which means there is no propane, so we have a ten kilowatt generator that can run a whole house,” Gerald said.

“These RV's are just decked out in solar and the latest in lithium ion batteries and electronics that are better than many people have in their homes,” Robbin said.

Cruise around and you'll see just about everything on the market.

But just in case you wonder what $1.2 million will buy, we asked Scott Lafferty from Blue Compass.

“So this model has an 18 bottle wine cooler,” he said pointing to the unit. "Twin mattress controls for each partner. Inside here you've got your stack washer and dryer and your shower has the wand and side jets."

So, if you want to be a happy camper head to Perry over the next few days, have fun and do what Willie Nelson would do which is get on the road again.

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