Cars speeding on Gray Highway and people trying to cross where they shouldn't is a dangerous combination.

“People cross the street anywhere. A lot of times, I try to stop and let them cross if I see traffic stop,” said Davis.

Bibb County says Gray Highway is one of the city's worst places for pedestrian fatalities.

Jeffrey Davis says he drives down Gray Highway almost every day to help out at his son’s work, but he's almost run into people crossing the road himself.

“No one pays attention to the drivers that are coming. It's carelessness on both of their behalf, just carelessness,” said Davis.

Violet Poe with Bibb's Pedestrian Safety Review Board says they're going out into areas with high pedestrian fatalities to try to make a difference.

They pass out flashing arm bands and safety cards to people in the area. They are getting over $20,000 in grant money from the Georgia Governor’s office for Public Safety. She's aiming pedestrian fatality rate, but she says the rate in Macon is the second highest in the state.

“Saving lives is my top priority,” said Poe.

Davis says he will continue to drive defensively, but hopes people will realize the extra time to go to a crosswalk is worth it when your life is on the line.

“I try not to get in no rush to get nowhere because your mind won't be focused on what you need to be going,” said Davis.