We first introduced you to Nick Ramirez in 2016.

The Northside High student suffers from narcolepsy, seizures, and short-term memory loss after a string of concussions playing middle school football.

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During what he describes as his ‘black-out episodes,’ Nick often wakes up unable to remember basic information like his name or his family members, but now he finds comfort knowing that he is never alone.

For the past year, his service dog Teddy hasn't left his side.

Teddy had to go through extensive training and spend a lot of time with Nick to learn when trouble could be coming.

"He tries to keep me awake," said Ramirez, "If I do go out, he'll jump on me, bark, or get someone, whatever he has to do."

Before he had Teddy, Nick knew going to college and pursuing his passion for welding would be difficult without his mom there to help him.

"It wasn't that my future wasn't bright, but it was just blocked," he said. "But now, because of him, it isn't."

Teddy has opened the door to so many opportunities for Nick.

He now plans to go to college for welding, then work at Robins Air Force Base or even as a traveling welder.

"I could be here for six months, then I could be in Hawaii, Canada, Europe," he said.

Nick owes much of that independence to Teddy as well as the central Georgia community.

Back in 2016, Nick's family had only been able to save up $7,000 of the $20,000 needed to pay for Teddy and his training.

After 13WMAZ shared his story, family, friends, and even strangers paid for the rest.

"With everything that's happened around here lately, it tells me there are still people out there willing to help anyone,” said Ramirez.

Nick has gone without a ‘black-out episode’ for almost six months now after changing doctors and medication. He hopes to even get his learner's permit soon.

He says with his family and the community at his back and Teddy by his side, he knows he can tackle anything that comes his way.

"The only thing you can't do is what you tell yourself you can't do. Nothing is impossible,” he said.

That is the message he hopes to share with others, and it's one he knows he will never forget.