Getting ready for the Cherry Blossom Festival can take a lot of work for the people who make it fun.

“Normally, it takes us two days,” Carolina Espana Nock said.

She and her family are stunt devils. They plan to perform three stunt shows a day during the festival. Nock says they've traveled the world and are excited to bring their act to Macon.

“We risk our lives and that’s how we make a living,” Nock said. “To scare people and risk our lives. I’m used to it, my family is used to it.”

The Nocks aren’t the only ones appearing in Macon for the first time -- so is Marco Scareno with the Wisconsin Cheese stand. He says the next 10 days will be long.

“The hours especially, like this 10-day spot, it's 10 to 10 every day, so that’s 12 hours,” Scareno said.

He says that doesn’t include setup and cleanup each day. Scareno says it’s not as easy as it looks.

“The procedure in order to do it, the health inspections all have to come in before that,” Scareno said. “You have to make sure you have enough stock every day.”

Both Scareno and Nock agree, all the prep work is worth it.

“We really hope we amaze them,” Nock said. “I think we do in many places and that’s why we’re here.”