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Monroe County Water system issues upgraded to an emergency, several could be without water

People in Jones, Butts, Monroe, and Baldwin counties are all experiencing issues with water outages after freezing weekend temps.

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ga. — The situation with the north Monroe County water system served by Butts County has escalated into an emergency according to Monroe County Commissioner George Emami.

Authorities have issued an immediate boil water advisory and there’s a possibility they could lose water service completely for several hours.

Emami says pressure is extremely low and they are looking at shutting down water service until they can come up with a way to re-pressurize the system and restore water service.

They are working on a way to make that happen but it will take several hours to get approval, put it into place, and get it to working.

In the meantime Emami says they are asking that people strictly conserve water and a boil order is now in place for people on that part of the water system.

This mostly affects people in north Monroe County around the High Falls area.

This does not affect people who use city of Forsyth water or on the south Monroe County system serviced by the Macon Water Authority.

Several other Central Georgia counties are all advising water customers to conserve water or be patient as authorities work to resolve water issues throughout these counties.

In Jones County, the Haddock water system has completely run dry according to a post by the water department posted to their Facebook page.

They say leaking pipes and running faucets are the cause, even with all water plants running 24/7 over the past few days.

They are asking people to avoid dripping water tonight and conserve their water until the issue is fixed. 

The city of Gordon is facing a boil water advisory that began Christmas Day.

The advisory is set to continue until further notice.

In Baldwin County, extremely cold weather has caused hundreds of residential and business water breaks, according to a press release. 

Authorities say there may be issues with water mains themselves and until the breaks are identified and located there will be water outages. 

They say most outages are north of MLK, Jr. Drive. While this is the case, there may be other areas that have or will experience outages.

They are working to resolve the issue. If and when major water main breaks are located, repairs will be completed as weather and staffing permits. 

There is not an estimated restoration time at the moment.

They ask all customers to check their water lines and repair or cutoff the water at the water meter if leaking happens.

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