The snow may have been pretty as it fell Wednesday morning, but for drivers, the leftovers of icy conditions caused a nightmare in parts of Central Georgia.

Several county EMA directors tell us their biggest problem after the snow is the ice that will likely still be there Thursday.

“Patches of ice. This particular section was probably a quarter mile long covering both lanes,” Lt. Kenny Gleaton with the Jones County Sheriff's Office said. “There have been isolated patches of ice throughout the county.”

According to Gleaton their biggest headache is Highway 18.

“Our units probably started getting calls for wrecks around 9:00 or 10:00 this morning, multiple vehicles, multiple wrecks,” Gleaton said.

Across the county line, Monroe County EMA director Matt Perry says highways 18, 42, and GA 74 still have ice on them, as do many other rural roads.

A little further south, Bibb EMA director Spencer Hawkins says their concerns are bridges and overpasses. They've got 4 salt trucks on the road looking for problem areas.

So far, EMA directors say the snow and ice are already responsible for more than 120 wrecks in Bibb and Monroe counties combined. Perry, Hawkins, and Gleaton all agree caution is key until this all melts away.

“We encourage you to simply stay off the road way unless its absolutely necessary,” Gleaton said. “That’s the safest way to do it. If you have to get on the road, exercise extreme caution, slow it way down. These ice patches can pop up unexpectedly and you could be hitting it before you know it.”

You can check on road conditions 24/7 online with Georgia Department of Transportation.