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'A lot of us were hurt': Some of Macon's homeless react to former bus station's demolition

The Salvation Army says since the demolition they have seen an increase in visitors

MACON, Ga. — Hundreds of homeless people roam the streets of Macon each day.

Though there are places like the Brookdale Resource Center, and the Salvation Army, many camp out at spots around the city like near the former Greyhound bus station. 

What used to be home to many of Macon's homeless is now a pile of rubble.

"We were wondering what was going on. 'Are they about to fix it up, are they building something new?' Then, we see them tearing it down. A lot of us were hurt, I know I was," Kenshaun Taylor said.

He lived at the abandoned Greyhound station for a couple of months and says though the building is gone, people aren't ready to leave the area.

"We're here where the river is, where all the stores are, where we think we can get some resources. Everybody doesn't just rely on the bridge in the morning," Taylor said.

He says the community has come to their aid, recalling help from Loaves and Fishes.

"Her son sent a credit card for everybody who wanted a room, it brought tears to my eyes. I had to print my paper to get in the room but he paid for everybody's room that was over there," Taylor said.

Bibb County offers several resources for the homeless like Daybreak and the Salvation Army.

Charles Pope serves as the housing manager for the Salvation Army. He says they've seen an increase in visitors.

"During the fiscal year, which is in October, you're talking about 749 clients so we have seen like a 45% increase in the area, and its increasing every day," Pope said.

As they get busier, he says they are flexible to other needs that come with the seasons. 

For that, Taylor says they're grateful.

"We smile. You might see smiles on our face, you might see us sad sometimes but all we can do is stick together and thank God for another day," Taylor said.

The Salvation Army is currently looking for volunteers and items to pass out like water, soap, towels, and snacks.

If you would like to help with getting some of those items, there is a Walmart registry set up at the Salvation Army website.


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