The Bibb County Sheriff's Office is investigating a family tragedy in south Macon where two young children found their mother shot to death.

Deputies say 26-year-old Morgan Smith, a mother of two, was found shot inside her home. Coroner Leon Jones says this is the 13th homicide in Macon-Bibb County this year.

“This is a young mother. We have to focus on the problem at hand,” said Jones.

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Jones says Smith was found Monday morning by her 2 children. He estimates their ages at 3 and 4. Jones says the children, a boy and a girl, went outside and told a Macon Water Authority employee, who called police.

“Stop the killing and pray for our community. That's all we can do,” said Jones.

Jones says the kids are with their grandmother at this time.

Neighbor Clemmie Williams Jr., who lives in the Bloomfield neighborhood, says the person who killed the woman should turn themselves in.

“Man, I’m mad. It hurts me and -- I don’t know the lady -- it hurts me to know someone can take a life and not think anything of it,” said Williams.

Williams says it hurts to see another person killed in the Bloomfield community and he hopes people will come together to find the person responsible.

“Somebody lost their mother, somebody lost their sister,” said Williams.

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