Car enthusiasts from North Carolina to Georgia came to see cars on display at the Georgia National Fairgrounds on Saturday.

The 13th Annual Southeast Shindig Car Show revved its engines as it displayed almost 100 cars.

Focusing on cars from the Modern Mo-Par platform, any car with a HEMI engine was welcomed to pop its hood at the show.

Show organizer Chris Harrigan says he's breaking the boundaries on how these cars are judged this year.

"Well I kinda take all of the politics of the car show judge out of it and it's all people's choice. All the participants that you see in here today that paid money to come in have come in and they're going to judge each other's cars," he said. "And it's just what do they like? Because not everybody has a car that is absolutely perfect but it's a really unique neat car that somebody is like 'I like that car,' so vote for it."

The car show ended at 4 p.m.