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Speed cameras coming to four Warner Robins school zones

Warner Robins Police will post a public announcement as soon as April 1, letting people know of the cameras. Tickets will not be issued until 45 days after the post.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — If you drive in Warner Robins get ready to slow down. The city is installing speed cameras in several school zones.

In Warner Robins, you may see some people speeding through school zones.

"There are some times when you see people traveling at a high rate of speed, faster than they should be considering it's a school, kids are out," Juan Jones said.

He lives in Demon territory near Warner Robins High and says he shares the road with speeders daily.

You may have seen the signs go up, but soon you'll see cameras by Warner Robins High School, Northside High School, Huntington Middle School and Lake Joy Elementary School. 

Jones is all for it. 

"It's just safety, slow down. If you were late getting somewhere, you were late before you started so slow down," he said.

Warner Robins Police Captain Gary Edwards says it's all about safety.

"We've had some collisions, some collisions where speed was involved and we want to slow everyone down because there is a tremendous amount of traffic," he said.

Edward says they haven't had any recent pedestrian accidents, but they want to keep everyone safe. 

With short staff, they're using their technology.

"This particular vehicle can check multiple vehicles at one time. It's more efficient," Edwards said.

He says  they plan to make a public announcement on April 1.

That's the start of a 45 day grace period, where any speeders caught on camera will receive a warning. No tickets can be issued until 45 days after whatever day the announcement is made. 

"You can't say it's a trap, something that just happened. That's a good thing," Jones said.

Starting in mid-may, they will issue tickets. The first ticket will cost $80, any after that will be $130.

Edwards says these speed cameras will be enforced throughout the entire school day, whenever school is in session.

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