Former member of Georgia House of Representatives and candidate for Georgia governor Stacey Abrams entered her second and final day of her "Jobs for Georgia" tour, ending it with a trip to Macon.

As part of her "Jobs for Georgia Tour," her Macon stops included Felicia's Cake Factory, Georgia Artisan and the IBEW Training Center.

Then, she held a town hall meeting at the Community Church of God.

As part of her platform, she wants to strengthen small businesses in Georgia. Abrams is a former small business owner, and if elected she plans to invest $10 million into Georgia's small businesses.

"There are too many communities that have been waiting for 16 years for investment, and for service and for support. Well I'm here to tell you the time is now and I'm the one who's going to get it done," says Abrams.

Stacey Abrams is vising small businesses all across Georgia, and she made a pit stop here at Felicia's cake factory. She wants to talk to small business owners to hear about their struggles, and also show her support in other ways like buy what they're selling.

Abrams also wants to expand Medicaid in Georgia, decrease incarceration rates and increase spending on education.

"I'm not running against anyone; I'm running for Georgia," said Abrams.