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'We made it through': Statham's Landing almost back together one year after EF-3 tornado

Several families on Fairways Drive are still working through home repairs. All say their grateful for their lives and ready to reunite with their homes and friends.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — One year ago, on April 5, 2022, 18 tornadoes ripped through Georgia. One of the worst, was an EF-3 that struck Warner Robins' Statham's Landing neighborhood.

It hit folks on Fairways Drive the hardest.

After a year, the street is almost back together. You'll find construction crews still out at some houses in Statham's Landing.

Patricia Cason is grateful that her home is complete.

"It was just hard for a few first months and getting everything put. It was an ordeal from time to time," she said.

Like most, the twister left her with water damage, a destroyed yard, and broken home.

"We had to have new floors, and a new roof, and the windows, we had some windows blowing out," she said.

It took five months before her house was returned to normal. Cason says damage to her favorite painting hurts her the most. 

"When the glass blew in, it blew glass all in my painting and all in the walls," she said.

For Cason, repairs cost about $100,000. She says most of her neighbors faired worse, one by one they're coming back together.

"Just took a lot of time but we made it through," she said.

Of the nearly 13 homes damaged on the street, one plot still remains empty. 

Three homes are still under repair, with one undergoing a total rebuild. Everyone's hoping to return soon.

"It's good to have them all back, we're just about back to normal. There's one or two houses left to fix I think but it's a lot better than it was," Cason said.

One neighbor bought welcome home signs, to greet neighbors as they return home. 

All families kept restating one thing: "We're thankful to God."

They're grateful to all have their lives, and to be reunited with their friends. 

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