The Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins added a “STEM Stop” on Thursday.

A group of students sponsored by the Technology Association of Georgia created a STEM project teaching visitors about night vision technology in the military.

Museum Curator Mike Rowland says that through this new exhibit, they hope to bring a new understanding of what men and women in the military experience.

“It’s important for us to appreciate the technology that they use in their work to defend the United States and the sacrifices they make. So understanding some of the technology helps us better appreciate the missions they do, the dangers they face and the great things that they’re able to do,” says Rowland.

This “STEM Stop” is the first in a series that will bring interactive STEM displays to the museum.

The team behind the night vision exhibit included four recent graduates of Houston County high schools, Ricky Patel, Andrew Babbitt, Kaylynn Wallace, and Trevor Cooper, and STEM teacher Cherri Nix from Northside High School. The Georgia Tech Research Institute participants included research engineers Kimberly Camerino and Brandon Hancock and visiting research student Hannah Gulle.