Macon has the 23rd highest concentration of single people in the United States.

That is according to a recent poll done by 24/7 Wall Street.

We went to Mercer Village to ask some students what they thought about the ranking, and Julia Scher said she was amazed.

"I'm actually kind of surprised because I thought everybody on a college campus would be together, but I guess when I'm going through people I know, a lot of college people are single, especially coming out of high school. It tends to break relationship," she said.

Macon is not the only city in Georgia to the list. Albany ranks 22, and Athena, Georgia is number 7, but Mikaela Pavin, who is single, said people may have other things on their minds that are more important than dating.

"Even though you think there are a lot of people dating, then there's a lot of people focusing on grades and finding themselves and all that stuff," Pavin said.

While focusing on other things may be at the top of the list for some, Eduardo Rubio thinks that people should also put more thought into their relationships.

"I think maybe a lot of us maybe should take the time step back and realize, 'Maybe I should talk to more people. Maybe I should expand my relationships,'" Rubio said.

So hopefully, everybody will take the time and the effort to find that special someone. Georgia does not have the number 1 spot -- Ithaca, New York is number 1 of single cities.