According to GDOT, a super-heavy shipment is being transported from Dublin to McDonough, beginning Tuesday night.

The 729,000-pound shipment will be made using a 290-foot-long, 20-foot-wide, and 15-foot-tall rig configuration and should arrive later Tuesday night to scales in Monroe County before leaving again Wednesday night for Cobb County.

McTyre Trucking is transporting the cargo which they say is a "machine press" headed to the Roper Corporation in LaFayette, Georgia.

"(The truck) has 156 tires and wheels, which is what distributes the weight," says McTyre Trucking Fuel Supervisor, Robert Manrow.

Over most of the route, the configuration will be traveling around 45 mph, but some bridge structures will force it to come to as slow as 5 mph, according to a press release from GDOT.

In some areas, traffic will be slowed or even stopped, due to the excessive size of the shipment.

"We move these loads at night because of GDOT regulations and because of traffic flow. It's all based on safety. The less people on the road, the safer it is for us to move it," says Manrow.

Six pace cars -- Georgia State Patrol vehicles with blue lights -- will accompany the shipment in order to pace traffic.

Moving message boards will also warn of traffic interruptions at key bridges and intersections along the route.

According to Manrow this is just one of three large shipments that will be traveling to LaFayette this week. Each trip will take about 4 days.

The Georgia Department of Transportation's and app will include updated information on lane closures while the configuration traverses the state.