Tax season is upon us and the questions are pilling up!

You submitted in your tax tip questions and we've got the answers!

CPA Terry Parker sat down with us to try and make filing your taxes easier!

Q: Denise McWhirter Clance asks: "Can you deduct work uniforms from your on taxes when your employer requires you to wear them but you have to maintain them?"

A: Well you can always deduct unreimbursed expenses that you incur for your employment. If you use your car for your job and the company does not give you miles reimbursement or pay your actual expenses, your car expenses you can deduct that. Let's say you're a teacher and you buy school supplies for the classroom and the school doesn't reimburse you, you can deduct that.

Q: Is there a benefit to filing early, or can I wait up until the deadline?

A: Well I mean if you think you are getting a refund then you want to file obviously and get your money, but no there's no benefit or detriment to filing right at April 15. I mean you can actually file today and pay the tax you owe at April 15 there's no requirement to pay before April 15, but you can go ahead and pay now or file now and wait.

Q: Will I get a bigger return if I get an accountant to do my taxes?

A: Mhm.. that's a tough one because there are some really good tax programs that you could buy off the shelf that do a good job, but they all work around the premise that you have a working knowledge of taxes. So if you have a very simple return which is like a form W2 and maybe not much else, you don't have children or credits or things coming through you can probably buy something off of the shelf and do a fine job. If you have other things like you are trying to get child credit, itemized deductions, you may have rental property.. things like that then if you don't have a working knowledge of taxes you may need to have someone to help you out.

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