SAN ANTONIO — Southside Independent School District kindergarten teacher Pamela Davis had the chance to save her friend's life, but she had to lose a lot of weight to do so.

She says choosing to make it happen may have saved her life, too.

Between her own kids and the students she loves, 39-year-old mom and kindergarten teacher Pam Davis keeps busy. So she had trouble finding time to focus on herself, and in March 2018 she weighed in at 291 pounds. Then she saw a Facebook post from an acquaintance saying she needed a living kidney donor.

"It sounds crazy, but it spoke to me and I thought I need to answer this and see what happens. So I responded, answered the questions, started the testing process, and they said, 'You're a match, but we need you to lose some more weight,'" Davis said.

"When I started this journey of my weight loss I didn't have my why- my why came late in the game."

Saving Jennifer Treviño was the push she needed. Whenever she felt like skipping the gym or grabbing a cheeseburger, she remembered she was lucky to be as healthy as she already was- and promised not to let her own health slip again. 

"There's really not a secret- I watch everything I eat; I work out multiple times a week; I rarely eat out; I eat home for most meals; I don't cheat, because I feel like if you cheat, you're only cheating yourself," Davis said.

Davis discovered during her journey that she loves fitness, and she aspires to become a fitness trainer. But she still struggles with skin and would like to get a tummy tuck to avoid the pain that comes with working out with scars - though it's not possible for her to afford it, she says, on a teacher's salary. 

To hear more of Davis' story, you can attend the Southside ISD Wellness Extravaganza on Saturday, March 23 from 9am-12noon at Southside High School. It is the largest health fair in Southside ISD.