In February, we told you about two young women involved in a fiery car accident in Dodge County.

Both suffered from severe injuries, but Friday night, nearly 9 months later, they stood side-by-side on Bleckley County High's homecoming court. The pair says they're lucky to be alive.

"We hit a ditch, hit a tree, and flipped three times," said Marissa Arnold, the driver of the car.

After her car hit the tree, it caught on fire. Marissa was able to escape. Then she flagged down two passing motorists who helped her pull her best friend, Ellie Wortham, from from the passenger seat.

On Friday night, the two young women stepped out of another car together, this time for a much happier occasion.

Marissa and Ellie are both members of Bleckley County High School's 2017 homecoming court.

They stood tall and beautiful as they took photos with their families on Friday night, but 9 months ago, the girls were laying in hospital beds.

"I dislocated my left fibula. I had internal bruising," says Marissa. "I broke my neck in two places, I had a hole in my lung, I had second and third degree burns on my back, and I had carbon monoxide poisoning," says Ellie.

Their list of injuries goes on and on.

"Anything I found out was wrong with her made me cry. I would cry for 2 or 3 days. When I found out about her neck or the hole in her lungs, I just cried and cried," says Marissa.

Both girls say it's been a long road to recovery, as they've had to miss weeks, even months, of school.

Marissa says she's been diagnosed with PTSD and depression. Ellie is still healing from some of her injuries.

"I guess I kind of look at life differently now," says Ellie.

The pair says they have "angels" to thank for saving them, and as you can probably tell by their bright smiles and bubbly personalities, they are joyful to still be alive.

"I feel blessed, yeah, definitely. That's the big thing -- we're lucky to be here. I'm just glad I'm not in my neck brace anymore," says the pair.

And while the accident broke some bones, it couldn't break their bond.

"We're going to be friends the rest of our lives, I can promise you that," says Ellie.