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Mental Health Monday: Central Georgia therapist says there are some benefits to anxiety

"We want to have enough anxiety to be in that peak performance zone," says Therapist Ross Peery.

MACON, Ga. — Anxiety can impact anyone, no matter where you come from. You often hear about some of the wrong sides of it, even physical symptoms. 

There's a saying that too much of something can be bad, and while it's true for anxiety, too little can be helpful.

"Anxiety is totally in my wheelhouse right now," says Jan Clark.
Clark, the freshly new business owner of Baldino's Subs in downtown Macon, says she knew she always wanted to be her own boss.

"It's a dream come true, you know I always knew I wanted. It's hard not to get emotional about it cause I'm so grateful," says

The list of anxieties for business owners can be a burden.

"What if the oven breaks today, and we bake bread every day, and I can't make sandwiches or what if something happens to an employee," says Clark.

Therapist Ross Peery says while anxiety often gets a bad wrap, there's a good side to it too.

"If we're not worrying about something, we're not going to prepare for something, study for a test or try hard," says Peery.

Peery says anxiety can increase your performance.

"Whether that's a job, a test for students, or even in a personal relationship. Having some anxiety increases your buy-into that task," says Peery.

Just don't let it get out of hand.

"As our anxiety increases, we start to tip down, and our performances falls back down, and that's when it becomes problematic. We want to have enough anxiety to be in that peak performance zone," says Peery.

Clark has noticed a little anxiety keeps her on her toes and ready for many things thrown her way.

"Maybe having a little anxiety makes me a better business," says Clark.

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